Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

One More Light is an emotional support network through which you can have anonymous conversations with empathetic listeners. One More Light hopes to give everyone a chance to build an emotional support system they can rely on. However big or small your problems may seem, we’re here to support you through your struggles. 

Download the app from the play store, sign up,  fill up your details, and select the topics you want to follow to complete your profile. Explore and connect with the listeners in our community. If you’d like to become a listener yourself, you can take the training from the left navigation panel in the app or your profile screen.

To change the topics that you follow:

  • Go to your profile
  • Select the Topics button
  • Choose the topics that you’d like to follow


For a first-time ban, you will not be able to use your account for 24 hours. A second-time violation will have a 72-hour ban. And if you get banned a third time, you’ll have to write to the team at support@onemorelight.co who’ll further look into the matter.

To use the One More Light app, you have to be at least 18 years old at the time of making an account.

If you’re a user who wants to be a listener, use the left navigation and click the become a listener button. Or you could find the same button on the profile tab.


If you’re a listener who’d like to be a user, simply go to the explore screen and use the listener connect tab to pick a listener from the cards shown. Request and start a conversation!

While there is no rule as such regarding the information you can share, we would recommend that you don’t share or ask any such details. Ideally, stick to having a conversation without asking or sharing information such as name, address, phone number, email id, and so on.

We understand that your privacy is important. While setting up a profile, every user is asked to add an anonymous name for themselves. As a result, all conversations on the app are anonymous and also end-to-end encrypted. To learn more, please check out our privacy policy.


When you first create your account, you will be prompted to become a listener and begin the tutorial. If not you can become a listener later on by clicking on the ‘Become a listener’ button in your profile screen.


The tutorial includes 10 sections and an assessment that has 15 multiple-choice questions. Each correct answer is worth 2 points, and you’ll need a minimum of 24 points to become a listener.

If you fail the listener assessment, do not be worried. You can always re-do the lessons and take the assessment again. Try re-learning the sections you aren’t confident with and make sure you’re thorough with each section before moving onto the next one.

While listening, errors are bound to happen. If you send a bad or wrong response to the user, just apologize for it and ask a question that helps you understand them better.

If the user asks for your personal information, avoid sharing it. Politely let them know that it’s against community guidelines, and it’s better to not share from a safety standpoint.

Tagging the user under categories is a great way to help our team at One More Light understand the user better. During a conversation, once 30 messages have been exchanged, a prompt appears asking you to tag the listener. Based on your understanding of the user, you can tag them in the appropriate categories. Our team will gather this information and provide personalized training programs to the user.


If you’d like to connect with a different listener, just head back to the main screen and browse through other listeners in the community and send them a request.

Once you connect with a listener, your chat session will be created and saved in your conversations screen. You can reconnect with a listener whenever you wish.

If you come across inappropriate behavior from the listener, feel free to report them using the “report user” button. Such users must be reported to ensure the platform remains an emotionally safe space.

Conversations with peer listeners are free, but you will be charged if you choose to connect with a mental health professional.

The listeners in the platform aren’t trained to give advice or provide therapy, but emotionally support you and be there for you as you figure things out. If you’re interested in reaching out to a mental health professional, you can always request the listener. To learn more, check out our terms and conditions.

If not chat, you have the option to send voice notes to explain your experience to the listener.

Rating the listener helps us understand whether the listener is competent and determine whether they might need further training. Ensuring the quality of the listeners is key for better user experience, so be sure to rate the listener once the conversation is done.

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