Driving Change One Team At A Time

A one-of-a-kind solution that combines the benefits of peer support and evidence-backed digital wellness programs for preventive mental health care. 

Support your employees while driving positive cultural change across the organization.

Did You Know


Of employees report feeling stressed at work


Of employees report having poor work-life balance


Of employees are facing more burnout than before

44% Of employees expect mental and emotional health to be a priority

It's Time To Listen To What Employees Need
Before It's Late

Today there are more employees than ever before who find it hard to cope with
stress, depression, grief, and other mental and emotional health issues.
Here’s what we at One More Light do for your teams.

WellPals - Community for Peer Support

A community of trained and empathetic peer helpers who support and encourage your employees at every step in their wellness journey. 

Our WellPals are trained to provide emotional support via 1-1 conversations or moderate focused group chats.

WellPals also work closely with your employees to cultivate behaviors to deal with life and work challenges more positively.

Personalized Wellness Journey

For every employee based on their experiences, their current wellness levels, and the goals they want to focus on while using One More Light. 

Wellness journeys provide employees with simple byte-sized activities that can help them improve their focus, manage anxiety and stress, and develop positive coping mechanisms.

Regular Wellbeing Diagnostic

To measure employee’s wellness levels and help personalize their care on the platform. 

Employees are prompted at frequent time intervals to complete various wellness quizzes to measure their progress and suggest new wellness plans.

One More Light Is Built To Deliver High Impact For High Performance Teams


Digital profiles with pseudonyms and without PII data to assure privacy on the app

Wellness Trends

Track behaviour changes across the organization under specific wellbeing metrics

Safe & Secure

Personal information and sensitive conversations fully encrypted for safety

In-App Rewards

Built-in offers and incentives to appreciate employees for their progress

Drive Long-Lasting Cultural Changes With
Regular Insights To Your Team's Wellbeing

Engagement Insights

Understand how widely One More Light is being used in your organization.

Get daily and weekly users data, how much time employees spend on average, which department is most active and which is lagging behind, and more.

Wellness Insights

Get analytical insights into your team’s wellbeing levels. 

Gain insights into how well your team is being able to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and more. Which departments are doing better and which departments need more attention.  

Peer Support Insights

Unearth challenges your team is facing by digging into insights from our WellPals. 

Understand the most common challenges employees are facing across the organization or in each department that might be going amiss. Use these insights to connect with your employees more and drive systemic changes across the organization.

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