Unsure about seeking help on One More Light?

Unsure about One More Light? Here’s our wellpal’s thoughts (Video)

So you’re unsure about using One More Light. I get it. Seeking help can feel daunting, particularly when you fear being judged, shamed, or ridiculed. I’m sure you’ve come across so many instances where people have undermined your struggles, neglected your pain, or even worse, brushed it off as attention-seeking.

So naturally, I understand that you might be wary about expressing personal stories about your struggles. And keeping such concerns in mind, we’ve ensured that the One More Light app is an emotional safe space through which you can access self-help resources, and have anonymous conversations with trained wellpals, people who’ll be there for you through thick and thin.

Here’s Gautami Patel, one of our star listeners, with an encouraging video message for you:

Gautami Patel, a listener at One More Light

Head over to the One More Light app, and access the emotional support you truly deserve! It’s free, anonymous, and packed with empathy for you.

To use the One More Light app now, click here.

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