Staying well while working from home

How to work from home and stay emotionally well

Work-from-home has changed our professional lifestyle. There are no more long commutes to the workplace, and there’s no longer a need to warm your desk from 9-5. Today, a lot of us have the opportunity to complete our tasks and meet our deadlines, all from the comfort of our homes. 

Sounds fun? When this was first announced, I’m sure we were excited. But as months of social distancing have passed, work from home has slowly begun to look a lot more like living at work. And nobody wants that!

The world’s race for a COVID 19 vaccine will not have any winner until sometime in the middle of 2021. So until then, we’ve got no other choice but to make do with work from home and consciously make an effort to ensure it doesn’t affect our wellbeing.

Here are a few tips that helped me take care of my wellbeing while giving my best at remote work:

Set a specific place in your house for work

Set a specific place in your house for work

The one advantage of a workplace is that it becomes an environment associated with work. A dedicated zone for beginning and completing work. But with work from home, we’ve found ourselves working endlessly because we’ve started looking at the home as our new workplace.

To fix this, dedicate a specific spot in the house for working, and make sure it isn’t your bedroom. Studies have shown that working from home can disrupt sleep patterns, especially for people who find it hard to switch from work mode to personal time.

Fixing a specific spot at home such as the dining area can help you make that distinction between your work area and your relaxation zone.

Get outside air at least once a day

Get outside air at least once a day

As long as you aren’t being home quarantined, it totally makes sense to step out for some fresh air. Consider taking a stroll in your locality or maybe walk up to your local grocery store. Getting fresh air will help clear your lungs, and it will give you more energy and focus to complete your tasks successfully.

Give yourself time for a digital detox

Give yourself time for a digital detox

While technology has made it simpler for us to stay connected, it’s important to unplug once in a while. Ideally in the evenings, create time for a digital detox, in which you’re taking a break from screen activity. You could use that time to perhaps read a book, talk to friends and family, or even meditate!

Create boundaries between work and personal time

Create boundaries between work and personal time

When your home is your workplace, it can be tempting to work indefinitely till you’re ready to sleep. Such a lifestyle can be taxing on your emotional wellbeing. Ensure that while you’re giving your best at work, you’re also working reasonable hours and giving yourself enough personal time.

Participate in simple physical activity

Participate in simple physical activity.

With a work-from-home lifestyle, we aren’t walking around as much as we used to. Which means our physical activity has reduced significantly.

Research has linked sitting and working in the same position for long hours with obesity, high blood pressure, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Such factors can negatively affect our metabolism, which in turn can affect our well-being and performance at work.

To avoid this, take regular breaks from your desk by going for a quick walk. You could also consider exercising or yoga. Basically any physical activity that gets you off your chair every once in a while.


With work from home being the new norm, it’s easy to get lost in the cycle of indefinite work and disturbed emotional wellbeing. But, by following a few simple tips as mentioned above, we can ensure that work from home doesn’t become our biggest enemy, but a lifestyle we can make the most of.

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